Notebooks, papers and publications of the FIRP Lab

The FIRP Laboratory started offers you a series of efficient notebooks and super-notebooks for the distribution of Know-How (know-how) based on all the Knowledge (knowledge) accumulated during all our years of experience. All the notebooks listed below can be downloaded completely free of charge:

List of Publications

We have compiled the largest amount of Open Access Publications, all related to the areas of expertise of the FIRP Lab. A large majority can be downloaded for free, since they are not protected by copyright or are publicly accessible on the internet.

Exclusive access to FIRPBOKK

Certain companies with which we have worked have become industrial partners of the FIRP Laboratory. They are more than our clients, they are our privileged partners, and as such we offer a special service, both in terms of benefits, as well as in terms of priority of service and cost.

Our partners are in various sectors:

  • Chemical Industry
  • Oil Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Paper Industry
  • Among others…

We are generally occupied for several months in certain activities such as the development of new products or certain types of personnel training, and we have important commitments to train researchers, particularly postgraduate ones. The point is that it has been difficult at times to serve our industrial clients with the urgency of the case, and we have had to set priorities in service. On the other hand, we have verified that a company with which we have a continuous relationship over time knows us better and knows how to take better advantage of us, and for us it is a company with which we can anticipate needs and improve working conditions, the efficiency of service and associated cost.

Downloadable List of thesis

We have a large collection of academic material for consultation with completely free access. Visit our thesis section to see all the content developed and advised at an academic level through the FIRP Laboratory.