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Equipment for extrapolation to the industrial scale

Equipment for pilot scale studies for industrial scale extrapolation.

Polyphase transmission line

Emulsions and foams exhibit transport phenomena that are not always conventional, in particular due to abnormal edge conditions such as slippage or capillary phenomena. Our 12 m transport unit with different line diameters allows experiments to be carried out under various laminar transport conditions, and provides evidence that is not always obtained with a rheometer.

Phase inversion control

The phase inversion unit allows analyzing the inversion phenomenon of an emulsion, be it transitional or catastrophic, with monitoring of various properties such as conductivity, rheology and backscatter.

It allows to optimize the conditions so that the instability results in the phenomenon that produces the desired inverted emulsion.

Asphalt emulsion pilot plant

Since the end of the 1980s, the FIRP Lab has been supporting small companies that use the emulsification technique to produce the asphalt material used in road surfacing. In order to provide our clients with a service in conditions close to the practices, we have set up an emulsification plant with a colloid mill that allows us to produce 2 tons / h of asphalt emulsion.

In the last 10 years, this plant was also used to produce O / W emulsions with extra heavy refinery cuts to replace the Orimulsion fuel that BITOR stopped marketing.