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Our partners when entering our membership system, automatically obtain availability of more than 1000 papers and notebooks, which contain more than 40 years of development and research, carried out in the laboratory. In the following link you will find more information about how to become a partner:


The FIRP Laboratory – Venezuela, Mérida, City of Mérida

Av. Don Tulio Febres Cordero
Antigua Facultad de Ingeniería
Piso 3.
Universidad de Los Andes,
Mérida 5101, Venezuela.

La Universidad de Los Andes
We are proud to belong to the Universidad de Los Andes, a university with a long history. Venezuelan public university founded on September 21, 1810. The Faculty of Engineering founded on October 14, 1936. With the arrival in the 70s of professors from other latitudes and with a great boost from international organizations, the environment was created conducive to the creation in 1974 of the career of Chemical Engineering, among whose founders is the also founder of the FIRP Laboratory, Prof. Jean Louis Salager.