Equipment Available at the FIRP Lab and associates

At the FIRP Laboratory we have the instrumentation and qualified personnel to carry out advanced research in the field of surface chemistry, colloidal chemistry and rheological characterization of systems. Additionally, and driven by the desire to expand and improve our services to the industry, at FIRP we dedicate efforts not only to the acquisition of new and more sophisticated instrumentation, but also to the development of equipment capable of evaluating the behavior of different systems under their conditions. actual process.

List of scientific equipment (Alphabetical Order)

  • Particle size analyzer, Mastersizer Malvern E (0.1 – 600 μm)
  • Particle size analyzer, Mastersizer Malvern 2000 Malvern (0.02 – 2000 μm)
  • Particle size analyzer, Beckman Coulter LS 13 320 (0.02 – 2000 μm)
  • Particle size analyzer (multiangle) N5. Beckman Coulter ( 3 nm – 3 μm)
  • Washburn Data Physics Wetting Device
  • Langmuir Lauda Scale
  • Calorimetric Oxygen Pump, Parr Instrument
  • Rotating belt distillation column
  • Foam column at high pressure high temperature
  • Conductimeters (5) Tacussel Radiometer Analytical
  • Gas chromatograph, Model 3700, Varian
  • Liquid chromatograph, Waters
  • Densimeter, DMA 4500 M, Anton Paar
  • Electrostatic dehydrators (2) CITEC model M3
  • Various emulsifiers (mechanical, ultrasonic, couette …)
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, Perkin Elmer
  • NMR Spectrophotometer Avance DRX-400Mhz (Bruker)
  • Goniometer (contact-tension angle), Ramé Hart
  • Microbalance, Cahn
  • Carl Zeiss optical microscope
  • Nikon video microscope
  • Agitation pilot – mixing
  • Asphalt emulsion pilot (2ton / h)
  • Emulsion inversion pilot
  • Micro and ultrafiltration pilot
  • Pipe or capillary transport pilot (12 m)
  • Reactor for synthesis
  • Constant effort rheometer, SR-5000, Rheometrics
  • Couette Rheometer, Rheomat 30, Contraves
  • Interfacial rheometer with oscillating rotating drop (Model CITEC RI-1000)
  • Rheometer TA Instruments AR-G2
  • Plate tensiometer (1), Roller – Smith
  • Ring Tensiometer (3), Fisher Scientific
  • Spinning drop tensiometer (5), University of Texas
  • Spinning drop tensiometer (5), CITEC model TTG-110 M4
  • Oscillating spinning drop interfacial rheometer (2)
  • Hanging blood pressure monitor KVS CAM 200
  • Multipurpose blood pressure monitor, DCAT, Data Physics
  • Ultraturrax turbines (4) IKA
  • Classic Turbiscan (nephelometer), Formulaction
  • Turbiscan on line, Formulaction
  • Brookfield viscometer
  • Rolling sphere viscometer for opaque fluids
  • Interfacial viscometer (viscous traction), FCL Instruments
  • Oswald viscometer
  • Viscosmeter for suspensions (Eppendorf) Contraves
  • Zetameter, Beckman-Coulter Delsa 440SX

Research and Development

Technological products for use in university and business R&D: innovative techniques in product formulation “do more in less time”, equipment developed by Lab FIRP with CITEC and in commercial availability, study techniques and equipment developed for partners.

Commercialized equipment

FIRP and CITEC ULA Laboratory Equipment: Equipment developed by Lab FIRP in a strategic alliance with CITEC-ULA. Comercially available. Oscillating Rotating Drop Interfacial Rheometer, Rotating Drop Tensiometer …

Innovation in Formulation

Innovative Research Techniques in Product Formulation: Do More in Less Time.

Beta equipments    Partner's Exclusive

Equipment for pilot scale studies for industrial scale extrapolation. Polyphase transmission line, phase inversion control, asphalt emulsion pilot plant …

Special equipment for R&D

Prototypes and study techniques specially developed by Lab FIRP at the request of partners. Foam column in confined medium (high temperature and high pressure), ball drop viscometer or rolling sphere for opaque fluids …



The FIRP Lab Network has prestigious associated laboratories at the University of Los Andes, in Venezuela and around the world (North America, Europe, Middle East).​


The FIRP Laboratory uses a wide range of reliable suppliers, both of chemical inputs and specialized equipment.


The FIRP Laboratory is associated with a large number of academic institutions for the teaching of industrial and applied chemistry, associated with Surfactants, Formulation and related aspects.

Industrials Partners

Certain companies with which we have worked have become industrial partners of the FIRP Laboratory. They are more than our clients, they are our privileged partners, and as such we offer a special service, both in terms of benefits, as well as in terms of priority of service and cost.

Our partners are in various sectors:

  • Chemical industry
  • Oil industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Paper industry
  • among other…

We are generally occupied for several months in certain activities such as the development of new products or certain types of personnel training, and we have important commitments to train researchers, particularly at postgraduate degrees. The point is that it has been difficult at times to serve our industrial clients with the urgency of the case, and we have had to set priorities in service. On the other hand, we have verified that a company with which we have a continuous relationship over time knows us better and knows how to take better advantage of us, and for us it is a company with which we can anticipate needs and improve working conditions, the efficiency of service and associated cost.