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The FIRP Lab Network has prestigious associated laboratories at the University of Los Andes, in Venezuela and around the world (North America, Europe, Middle East). We also know the work of other groups and whom it seems relevant to mention. This Network necessarily extends to the people with whom we work and who are and have been our clients, the industrial partners of Lab FIRP, and those who have shown us their diligence and reliability, such as our suppliers of both surfactants and equipment. As in any family history, there are those who have left and, for one reason or another, have ceased to be part of our history, but we remember and appreciate them, they are some of our contacts, ex-members of the FIRP Lab.


At the Universidad de los andes

  • Facultad de Ingeniería
    Laboratorio de Mezclado, Separación y Síntesis Industrial (LMSSI)
    especializado en membranas y procesos de separación con membranas
    Prof. Johnny Bullón, Prof. Leonardo Rennola

  • Facultad de Ingeniería
    Laboratorio de Polímeros y Coloides (POLYCOL)
    Ingeniería Química.
    Prof. María Teresa Celis

  • Facultad de Farmacia
    Instituto de Investigaciones Grupo de productos naturales y quimica medicinal
    Prof. Alfredo Usubillaga

  • Facultad de Ciencias
    Laboratorio de Resonancia Magnética Nuclear
    Prof. Alí Bahsas 

  • Facultad de Ciencias
    Grupo de electroquímica
    Prof. Jairo Márquez, Prof. Olga de Márquez

  • Facultad de Ciencias
    Grupo de química teórica: química-física de fluidos y fenómenos interfaciales
    Prof. Wilmer Olivares
  • Facultad de Ciencias
    Laboratorio de cristalografía
    Prof. Miguel Delgado, Prof. Dora Gomez
  • Facultad de Ciencias
    Laboratorio de espectroscopía molecular
    Prof. José Burguera, Prof. Marcela Pascu de Burguera,
    Prof. Rosario Bruneto, Prof. Máximo Gallignani
  • Facultad de Medicina
    Grupo de investigación proyecto Fenton
    Prof. Antonio Rodríguez

Elsewhere in Venezuela

  • Universidad Central de Venezuela
    Caracas Facultad de Ciencias
    Depto de Química Laboratorio de fisicoquímica de hidrocarburos
    Prof. Sócrates Acevedo

  • Universidad de Carabobo, Valencia
    Facultad Experimental de Ciencias y Tecnología
    Prof. Juan Carlos Pereira

  • Universidad de Oriente
    Núcleo de Anzoategui
    Pto La Cruz
    Laboratorio de Sistemas Dispersos y Ambiente
    Prof. Shirley Marfisi

  • Universidad del Zulia – Maracaibo
    Facultad Experimental de Ciencias
    Depto de Química
    Laboratorio de Petroquímica y Surfactantes
    Prof. Freddy Ysambert, Prof. Nelson Marquez, Prof. Bélgica Bravo

  • Universidad del Zulia – Maracaibo
    Facultad de Ingeniería
    Instituto de cálculo aplicado
    Prof. Nestor Queipo


FISA Network and associated labs 

  • FISA stands for: Fenómenos Interfaciales, Surfactantes y Aplicaciones. A fundamental part of our service offerings, so that our clients can get everything they need in one place..

North America

  • North Carolina State University, Raleigh (EUA)
    Dept Forest biomaterials Sci & Eng — Colloids and Interfaces Group
    Prof. Orlando Rojas 
  • Tulsa University (EUA)
    – Petroleum Engineering dept  Prof. Cem Sarica,Prof. Ovadia Shoham, Prof. Luis Gomez
  • The University of Texas at Austin (EUA)
    – Chemical Engineering dept
    Prof. Keith Johnston, Prof. David Himmelblau, Prof. Robert Schechter
    – Petroleum Engineering dept
    Prof. Larry Lake, Prof. Gary Pope
  •  Rice University Houston (EUA) – Chemical Engineering Dept Prof. Clarence Miller , Prof. George Hirasaki
  • University of Florida (EUA)
    – Dept of Chemical Engineering
    Center for surface science
    Prof. Denish Shah, Prof. Ranga Narayanan
    – Particle engineering research center
    Prof. Brij Moudgil
  • University of Oklahoma, Norman (EUA) – Institute for applied surfactant research
    Surfactants associates
    Prof. Jeffrey Harwell, Prof. David Sabatini, Prof. John Scamehorn
  • Colorado School of Mines, Golden (EUA)
    – Center for hydrate research
    Prof. Dendy Sloan, Prof. Carolyn Koh
  • University of Toronto (Canada)
    – Dept of Chemical Engineering
    Prof. Edgar Acosta

Middle East

  • Sultan Qaboos University (Oman) Chemistry Dept. Prof. Mohamed Aoudia


  • University of Hull (UK)
    Surfactant and colloid group
    Prof. Paul Fletcher, Prof. Bernard Binks

  • A. N. Nesmeyanov Institute of Organoelement Compounds
    Russian Academy of Sciences (INEOS) Moscow (Rusia)
    Team of Physicochemistry of interfacial phenomena
    Dr. Valery Babak

  • Institute of Surface Chemistry -YKI – KTH Estocolmo (Suecia)
    Cursos dictados (algunos en cooperación): Emulsion, Formulation and properties,
    Emulsions – Advanced Topics,
    Prof. Bengt Kronberg, Dr. Isabel Mira, Dr. Martin Andersson

  • CID/CSIC – Barcelona (España)
    Equipo de investigación en química coloidal e interfacial
    Institut d’Investigacions Químiques i Ambientals de Barcelona
    Dr. Conxita Solans, Dr. Ramón Pons

  • Universitat zu Koln (Germany)
    Institute fur Physicalische Chemie
    Prof. Reinhard Strey

  • University of Sofia (Bulgaria)
    Laboratory of Chemical Physics and Engineering
    Prof. Ivan B. Ivanov, Prof. Peter Kralchevsky, Prof. Nikolai Denkov
  • University College Dublin (Irlanda)
    School of Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering
    Colloid and Interface science group
    Prof. Cosima Stubenrauch

French Labs

Associates in the postgraduate cooperation program (PCP) in the last 15 years.
University of Pau et des Pays de l´Adour – CURS (France)

  • Université de Rouen
    UMR 6522 CNRS Laboratoire PBM
    Equipe Systèmes Colloidaux Complexes (SCC)
    Prof. Didier Le Cerf — Dr. Guy Muller
  • Laboratoire de Thermodynamique et energetique des fluides complexes
    Prof. Alain Graciaa, Prof. Jean Lachaise

  • Université de Montpellier I – Faculté de Pharmacie (Francia)
    Laboratoire de Technique pharmaceutique industrielle
    Prof. Françoise Nielloud, Prof. Gilberte Marti-Mestres

  • Université de Montpellier II – Institut Europén de Membranes (Francia)
    Prof. Gerald Pourcelly, Prof. José Sanchez

  • Université de Picardie (Jules Verne), Amiens (Francia)
    Laboratoire de Glucides
    Prof. Gérard Goethals

  • Université de Toulouse – ENSIACET (francia)
    Laboratoire de Génie Chimique (Francia)
    Dr. Joël Bertrand,
    Prof. Catherine Xuereb, Prof. Jean-Paul Canselier

  • Université de Technologie de Compiègne (Francia)
    Equipe de Thermodynamique et Physicochimie des Procédés Industriels
    Prof. Danièle Clausse

  • Instiut National Polytechnique de Lorraine ENSIC – GEMICO – Nancy (Francia)
    Prof. Lionel Choplin

  • Université de Paris Sud (XI) Orsay (Francia)
    Laboratoire de Physique des Solides
    Groupe Interfaces Liquides
    Prof. Dominique Langevin

  • Université Toulouse III (Paul Sabatier)
    Laboratoire d’Interactions moléculaires et de réactivité chimique et photochimique IMRCP
    Dr. Isabelle Rico-Lattes , Prof. Armand Lattes
  • Université de Lille (Francia)
    Mastère chimie et ingénieurie de la formulation
    Chimie Moleculaire et formulation
    Prof. Jean-Marie Aubry, Prof. Véronique Rataj

  • Université d’Angers (Francia)
    Laboratoire INSERM Ingénieurie de la vectorisation moléculaire
    Prof. Patrick Saulnier

  • Institut Français du Pétrole, Rueil-Malmaison (Francia)
    Portal IFP
    Chimie et physicochimie appliquée
    Physicochimie des fluides complexes
    Temas de tesis doctoral que ofrece el IFP en 2008
    Dr. Jean-François Argillier, Dr. Thierry Palermo, Dr. Isabelle Hénault

Another Groups

Other institutions working on Surface Phenomena

  • University of Bristol (UK):
    Formulation Group: A subject group of the Royal Society of Chemistry
    Julian Eastoe Research group
    Terence Cosgrove’s Polymers at Interfaces Group 
  • University of Liverpool (UK) \
  • University of Uppsala (Sweden) 
  • University of California at Santa Barbara (USA)
    University of Pekin (China) 
  • McMaster University (Canada)
  • Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina)
  • University of Hamburg (Germany) Liquid 
  • Crystal group
  • University of Aachen (Germany)
  • North Carolina State University (USA) C. Grant group
  • North Carolina State University (USA) P. Kilpatrick group
  • City College of New York (USA) T. Bandosz group
  • Max Plank Institute of Colloids and Interfaces Postdam (Germany)
  • Lund University (Sweden) Physical chemistry 1 B. Lindman group
  • Norvegian University of Science & Technology J. Sjoblöm group
  • University of Sofia (Bulgaria) D. Exerowa group
    King’s College London (UK) S. Sajjadi group

FIRP Laboratory Agreements

During all the years of Labor we have carried out a great diversity of services, for a large number of companies and multinationals. For confidentiality reasons the client is not mentioned, nor the specific characteristics. Below are some of the services provided:

For Academics

The FIRP Laboratory is associated with a large number of academic institutions for the teaching of industrial and applied chemistry, associated with Surfactants, Formulation and related aspects.

  • Programa de Cooperación Postgraduada PCP Cooperación Franco-Venezolana
  • PCP Venezuela-Francia: Descripción General
  • Presentación general del programa PCP en francés
  • PCP Paises andinos
  • Principio y funcionamiento de los PCPs
  • Página de la oficina del PCP en Francia (Universidad de Pau) en francés
  • Descargue el folleto de información PCP del FONACIT
  • Descargue la convocatoria 2007 del FONACIT
  • PCPs TERMINADOS con participación del Lab FIRP
  • Resultados PCP Formulación e ingeniería de sistemas dispersos
  • Resultados PCP Aplicaciones biocompatibles de los anfifilos
  • Resultados del PCP Surfactantes y aplicaciones
  • Resultados PCP Nanosistemas nanomedidas
  • PCP Emulsiones petrolíferas – propiedades, proceso de formación y ruptura
  • PCP Reología y procesos para sistemas dispersados
  • PCPs EN CURSO con participación del Lab FIRP
  • PCP Formulación de sistemas multifásicos: aplicaciones biológicas, 
  • farmacéuticas y cosméticas
  • PCP Asfaltenos
  • ECOS Nord (Programa de cooperación asociado con los PCPs)
  • PCP Emulsiones “verdes” a base de surfactivos y aceites biocompatibles para aplicaciones en los sectores agroalimentarios, higiene-salud y detergencia

For Industrials     Become a partner?

Agreements and Contracts for the FIRP Laboratory Industrial Partners. Certain companies with which we have worked have become industrial partners of the FIRP Laboratory. They are more than our customers, they are our privileged partners, and as such we offer them special services, both in terms of benefits, and of service priority and cost.

Our partners are in different sectors:

– Chemist industry
– Oil industry
– Pharmaceutical industry
– Paper papelera
– Among others…

We are usually full for several months in certain activities such as the development of new products or certain types of personnel training, and we have important commitments to train researchers, particularly postgraduates. The point is that it has sometimes been difficult to serve our industrial clients with the urgency of the case, and we have had to establish priorities in the service. On the other hand, we have proven that a company with which we have a continuous relationship over time knows us better and knows how to take advantage, and for us it is a company for which we can anticipate needs and improve working conditions, the efficiency of service and the associated cost

Services associated with our agreements and needs and improve working conditions, service efficiency and associated cost.:

  • Analysis and Certifications
  • Training “on demand”
  • Technical advice

Once the general agreement is signed, which implies the intervention of the authorities (Rector of the university, President of the company) and lawyers, and therefore certain delays, the particular activities are carried out through specific agreements that can be executed in very quickly and therefore allow to attend to various emergencies of the company at a middle management level with a strict minimum of bureaucracy.


The FIRP Laboratory uses a wide range of reliable suppliers, both of chemical inputs and specialized equipment.

Specialized Equipment

Brookhaven Instruments Corporation
Christison Scientific
Cilas US., Inc.
Dispersion technology
Formulaction Turbiscan
Horiba Instruments Ltd
Laval Lab
Malvern Instruments
Micromeritics Instrument Corporation
Particle measuring systems
Particle World Instruments
Petrossoft Research and Production Ltd
Process Metrix

Retsch Technology GmbH
Ektron Tek
F5 Tewchnologie
Haake (Thermo Scientific)
Lamy rheology
Malvern Instruments
Manufacturers form China
Prescott instruments
Rheologica instruments
TA Instruments

Reómetro interfacial 
KSV instruments
SINTERFACE Technologies
Radiometer analytical
Anton Paar
FORMULACTION (Turbiscan line)

Surfactant Suppliers

Akzo Nobel
Crompton (ahora Chemtura)
Cytec industries
Dow Chemicals

Kao Chemicals:
Lion Corporation
MeadwWestwaco speciality products
Nikko Chemicals
Oil Chem Technology (EOR Sulfonates)
Procter & Gamble / P&G Chemicals

Rhom & Haas
Shell chemicals
Union Carbide