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Salager Jean-Louis

Dr., Director Honorario / Honorary Director, Formulación, emulsiones, inversión / Formulation, emulsions, inversion

  • Jean-Louis Salager earned a BS in Chemistry from University of Nancy-France and a degree in Chemical Engineering from ENSIC-INPL Nancy, and a MSc and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from University of Texas at Austin USA.
  • Founder and honorary director of Laboratory of Formulation, Interfaces, Rheology and Processes (FIRP), a 37 years old applied research center at University of The Andes, Mérida-Venezuela, with over 20 faculty members from Chemical Engineering, Chemistry and Pharmacy colleges.
  • He has published 20 book chapters and over 250 scientific papers, and is inventor in 6 patents in surfactant science, physicochemical formulation, and technological applications to emulsions, dispersions and foams.
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